Why You Should Adopt a Black Cat

Black cats have long had associations with folklore and witchcraft. Throughout history, black cats have also had a complicated relationship with luck-at different times, signifying both good and bad.

In 16th century Italy, it was believed a black cat sitting on the bed of a sick person was a bad omen. In Yorkshire, England, it is considered lucky to own a black cat, but unlucky for one to cross your path. In Scottish folklore, the arrival of a black cat at your home signifies prosperity. In dream study, it is thought that dreaming of a black cat is a sign of good luck. In the early 1900s, some fishermen’s wives kept black cats in their homes, because their supposed supernatural powers were thought to keep their husbands safe at sea.

Though it would be hard to measure accurately, many people believe black cats are adopted less frequently from animal shelters due to superstition. From a veterinary standpoint, we think black cats make fantastic companions. We highly recommend adding a furry, black companion to your family-and we’re pretty sure it’s good luck!

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Written by Jenna Marsh, RVT